About Going Back to School in a Pandemic

Things that going back to school during a pandemic are not about:

  • Forcing overworked Moms to go back to work for low wages to keep the economy strong.
  • Enabling parents to pursue business and lifestyle dreams in which their children come second.

Things that going back to school during a pandemic are absolutely about:

  • Ensuring that children receive the best possible education, period.
  • Ensuring that children receive the best possible health care, period.

How does society accomplish this?

  • Develop plans by listening to education and healthcare professionals, not school boards and politicians.
  • Collectively pay the full cost. Period.

There. That was simple, wasn’t it!


Author: peter

Peter Kingsmill was born and raised near Montréal but soon after high school chose to move west, first to British Columbia then eventually settling in Saskatchewan. He has worked at an eclectic mix of tasks - reporter and editor, logger, trucker, cattle farmer, and riverboat captain. Peter and his wife Valerie live at Hafford, Saskatchewan, near Redberry Lake where his work resulted in his being presented with the Governor General of Canada's Conservation Award in 1991. Peter is past-chair and founding director of the Redberry Lake (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve, He currently serves as publications editor with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and works as a consultant on regional development projects when he is not writing a novel or sailing on his beloved Redberry Lake. He joined Crime Writers of Canada as a Professional Author Member in 2018.

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